Will urban air mobility represent the future of our metropoles?
When considering problems related to traffic jams, both on roads and highways, urban air mobility appears to be a simple, customizable and light solution.

Urban air mobility: which is the «third dimension»?
What about artificial intelligence in upcoming solutions?
Relationship with self-driving vehicles: could what happens on the ground be transposed in the air?

The impact of urban air mobility on city/land planning.
What role can/should local authorities play?
What kind of city/land planning policies? On which scale?

Which rules and regulations should be applied to urban air mobility?

What will urban air mobility look like in 2030?
How to envision means of mobility in the next 10 years?

City planning and urban air mobility: a shared future


Rules and regulations
Hybrid vs. electric / Short Range vs. Long Range
Freight shipment / the last km


Car show case: prototypes
Contest for start-up companies
State-of-the-art videos
Partners and local authorities

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