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On October 11, 2019, Marseille, the leading Metropole of Mediterranée is bringing together european key players from the mobility sector with a bold mission: to change the way the world moves. The french most important urban air mobility event will gather scientifics, architects, sociologists, economists, entrepreneurs, politicians, jornalists, insurers, lawyers for keynotes and debates around air mobility challenges and will help you be prepared for tomorrrow's mobility.

3 CEOs of succesfull Air Mobility startups joined  forces to create MOBILITES DANS L'AIR, a  non profit organization responsible for UAMES 2019 agenda. It  is packed with leading disruptors from across the globe, paving the way for a more sustainable future when transport of persons and goods is at stake.

#UAMES 2019:

is where disruptive technology and innovation drive much-needed change. This is a one-of-a-kind event representing the entire ecosystem of urban mobility. This is where mobility biggest disruptors and key decision makers will come together under one roof to benchmark and challenge their solutions and form new partnerships. 

It is commonly accepted now that drone services could provide an attractive solution for areas where merely increasing two-dimensional capacity would in no way ease the existing traffic situation. Air taxis users will not only experience a safe, sustainable and very time-efficient mode of enjoyable travel, but will also be able to move at increasingly low cost as better batteries, new aircraft designs, AI, cybersecurity and  later  autonomous flight technology will become operationals.

Flagship pilot projects are already scheduled to go live in cities like Dubai, Singapore, Los Angeles and Dallas in the early 2020s. Some projects have been launched in Europe. In a recent study, Roland Berger predicts about 3,000 passenger drones in use by 2025 as the first commercially urban air mobility routes launch their operations. Over the following decades, the market is expected to grow exponentially, and as many  as  100,000 passenger drones could be flying worldwide by 2050 and serve as air taxis, airport shuttles and intercity flight services.

From all over  Europe, come to Marseille October 11 and  Join UAMES 2019, register online at early birds rate to up July 31 and be part of the future of mobility.


MOBILITÉS DANS L'AIR: Non profit organization created by BOOKmyHELO, KeeeX and AirSpaceDrone to be the observatory for air mobility. Editor of UAMES.

SAFE: European Cluster, imagines and builds collective innovative solutions for the safety of persons, the environment. Partner of UAMES19.

MCO Congrès: The Group is specialized in organizing events, congress, conferences et symposia and is a leader of franco european agencies. Organizer of UAMES19. 

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