#UAMES - Urban Air Mobility European Summit

Air Mobility is mainly associated to Vertical Mobility when deployed in Urban Environment.
Among the early adopters ecosystem, there is a common belief that this alternate mobility, the « augmented mobility » is capable of impacting positively our tomorrow’s daily urban life.
Often seen as the most efficient way to tackle with our cities bottlenecks, it brings with it wide-ranging social benefits. 

Moreover all the recent published reports and market studies appoint Urban Air Mobility as a trillion dollar market in the coming 15 years. If most of the technical and infrastructure aspects are being covered by the industry, some legal and regulation aspects as well as societal topics require further scrutiny.

We have created UAMES, a unique opportunity to measure the potential impacts of Air Mobility.

Attend #UAMES19 and join a diversified team of panelists and speakers from various fields of expertise for a broad and transversal approach of Air Mobility.

Join us on March 22, 2019 in Marseille and be part of history accelerating the adoption and implementation of Air Mobility.


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