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  • UAMES19

    Press release

    On October 11, 2019, Marseille, the leading Metropole of Mediterranée is bringing together european key players from the mobility sector with a bold mission: to change the way the world moves. The french most important urban air mobility event will gather scientifics, architects, sociologists, economists, entrepreneurs, politicians, jornalists, insurers, lawyers for keynotes and debates around air mobility challenges and will help you be prepared for tomorrrow's mobility.

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  • Build the Commonwealth of nations'​ skies : a British plan?

    The New Frontier has a name, #Urban Air Mobility #UAM, the so called 3rd dimension. The conquest to this very promising global market has already started. What we already know, is that this battle for the airspace and its alternate fast traffic lanes requires a complex ecosystem partnering, to face the many challenges ahead.

    To explore the third dimension and build a strategic plan for mobility, requires a strong leadership at government level. How is UK adressing this challenge, what is the plan and the objective?

    The Government is committed to creating the conditions in which mobility innovation can flourish and deliver benefits for society.

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    The New Frontier has a name, Urban air mobility (UAM), the so called 3rd dimension. The conquest to this very promising global market has already started. What we already know is that this battle for the airspace and its alternate fast traffic lanes requires a complexecosystem partnering, to face the many challenges ahead.

    Creating viable and efficient  mobility system including its third dimension part, is one of the  key challenges the growing  urban areas and its so called SmartCities, will have to master. Roland Berger, in one of its recent studies identified more than 100 projects worldwide, of which almost half are being conducted in Europe. 

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  • Urgent

    Press Release

    Attending its partners’ request, MCO Congrés and MOBILITÉS DANS L’AIR would like to inform you that AirMobility Startup Contest and Urban Air Mobility have been postponed respectively to October 10 and 11, 2019.

    We will keep you posted frequently about speakers and panelists for the event on our social networks and website.

    We will meet  on October 11,  2019 in Marseille (Villa Gaby), register!

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  • #AirMobility: What Heli-Expo and SXSW tell us about the times?

    If one has already happened the latter is still going on. What do these two completely different shows may have in common?
    SXSW is the world’s largest gathering of creative professionals to inspire the world and invent the future, whereas Heli-Expo is the largest helicopter exhibition in the world, where industry innovations are introduced. It is more the world of engineers and makers, when SXSW is more a place of dreamers.

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  • Welcome to AirMobility era, the new frontier!

    For the first time, the global helicopter industry is gathering at Atlanta for its yearly trade show, HELI-EXPO organized by HELICOPTER ASSOCIATION INTERNATIONAL.

    As usual, it is also the time of market study update release. Honeywell Aerospace announces that the sales forecast of last year has been slightly reduced and schedule 4000 helicopters sales for the next 5 years.

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    To all startups Europe over:
    the Air Mobility Startup Contest will take place in Marseille on October 10, one day before the first Urban Air Mobility European Summit where the winning startups will have a unique chance to exchange with leaders from companies, cities, national governments and research institutes as they co-construct the air mobility of tomorrow.

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    #UAMES - Urban Air Mobility European Summit

    Air Mobility is mainly associated to Vertical Mobility when deployed in Urban Environment.
    Among the early adopters ecosystem, there is a common belief that this alternate mobility, the « augmented mobility » is capable of impacting positively our tomorrow’s daily urban life.
    Often seen as the most efficient way to tackle with our cities bottlenecks, it brings with it wide-ranging social benefits. 

    Moreover all the recent published reports and market studies appoint Urban Air Mobility as a trillion dollar market in the coming 15 years. If most of the technical and infrastructure aspects are being covered by the industry, some legal and regulation aspects as well as societal topics require further scrutiny.

    We have created UAMES, a unique opportunity to measure the potential impacts of Air Mobility.

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